Warehousing and Logistics/ Co-Manufacturing

Warehousing and Logistics
Contract logistics - Outsourcing of logistics services

We provide full service of the logistics chain starting from warehousing, through transport, distribution and a number of value-added services (co-manufacturing, co – packing). All services in one company according to the "one stop shopping" formula. 

We have one of the largest warehouse parks in Silesia with a total size of over 125,000 m2 of class A warehouse space, including:

  • standard warehouses (pallets)
  • the warehouses are equipped with overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 5, 10 and 15 tons
  • customs warehouses and bonded stores

We have been operating on the logistics services market for over 30 years and we have qualified staff of experienced employees. Our logistics centers are located in southern Poland: Chorzów, Świętochłowice, Ruda Śląska, Gliwice

We offer

Warehouse, return and distribution logistics:


  • handling in/handling out
  • unpacking
  • label removal/labeling
  • attaching warranty cards, instructions
  • co-packing
  • assembling sets




JIT delivery logistics (directly to the production line).

  • disposable packaging designed in accordance with technical specifications and production constraints
  • coordination of transport from many suppliers
  • joint operations with all plants and suppliers
  • quality control



E-commerce logistics:

  • storage of products sold through the e-commerce channel
  • preparation and shipment of deliveries
  • returns and exchanges handling

In warehouse management, we use a modern WMS system, which allows us to effectively manage logistics operations, shortens the time of order picking and allows you to maintain full control over warehouse inventory.



  • foiling
  • packing, preparing for shipment
  • quality control
  • picking/disassembly
  • printing of documents: invoices, delivery notes
  • customs formalities
  • Inventory and reporting of stock levels



  • VAS (value-added services) - labelling, preparation of stands, sets, others
  • real-time controlled inventory
  • deliveries to the production line (JIT)
  • JIS (Just in Sequence)

Detailed information

Contact: logistyka@deltatrans.pl

ul. Chorzowska 134B

41-605 Świętochłowice

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In the field  of contract logistics (outsourcing of logistics services), we offer logistics solutions tailored to individual customer needs. We manage logistics in a comprehensive manner. We provide complete solutions for the storage and distribution of goods, planning all warehouse processes and operations, as well as carrying out the distribution process directly to the points of sale.


The scope of the offer includes:


  • warehouse logistics
  • distribution logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • handling of procurement processes
  • Information flow management
  • The latest technologies and management processes
  • Additional services under the contract

We guarantee logistics outsourcing at the highest level - regardless of the size of the company and the scope of activities entrusted to us.

To support each project we provide:


  • comprehensive logistics services using 300 units of our own rolling stock warehouse and production halls with a total area of over 120,000 m2
  • qualified engineering staff
  • paved, guarded storage yards with an area of over 100,000 m2
  • technical facilities - including halls equipped with overhead cranes, professional painting shops, welding and compressor plants
  • assembly lines
  • Construction and technology offices with the necessary equipment

Advantages of using contract logistics services:


  • flexibility of activities carried out
  • reduction of production costs
  • access to know-how and modern technologies
  • the ability to focus on your own development and sales
  • the possibility of achieving synergy between logistics and production
  • release of capital invested in fixed assets and production materials

e-mail: logistyka@deltatrans.pl
tel.: +48 601 485 562

ul. Chorzowska 134B

41-605 Świętochłowice

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We provide services in the field of co-manufacturing / contract manufacturing, the aim of which is to relieve customers of production and logistics functions by implementing comprehensive solutions dedicated to specific projects.

We have experience in the implementation of the following projects:

  • preparation of SKD and CKD sets
  • creating assembly kits used in the automotive industry
  • assembly of automotive components
  • production / assembly of small architecture elements
  • production / assembly of road infrastructure elements
  • Assembly of consumer electronics devices
  • modification of transport packaging, disassembly of packaging elements, assembly of substitutes

We offer the implementation of the project, starting from consulting, through implementation and continuous improvement of the process in the field of individual services.

To support each project we provide:

  • warehouse, production and office space in the Logistics Centre in Świętochłowice
  • qualified engineering staff to handle each project
  • value-added services in the field of engineering, packaging design and transport instruments
  • projects based on the highest quality standards and Lean Manufacturing philosophy;
  • high standard of service, punctuality in combination with transport services and warehouse logistics

Benefits of entrusting selected production and logistics functions to a specialized outsourcing company:

  • focus on sales, customer service and product development
  • increasing cost flexibility
  • avoiding the need to maintain and manage a large crew
  • avoiding the need to have numerous and extensive departments such as: maintenance, HR, etc.;
  • avoiding the need to engage capital (halls, material, etc.)
  • entrusting the process to experts with extensive experience

e-mail: logistyka@deltatrans.pl
tel.: +48 601 485 562

ul. Chorzowska 134B

41-605 Świętochłowice

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